We are getting closer to our big Laguna Seca Race!!

    Our pace car slots are now all filled; however, we are hoping you will
    attend our car corral for the Cobra Club in the paddock area for spectator
    viewing and visiting. Everyone is invited!! If you are interested in driving
    (Parade Laps) over the lunch periods, please sign up by clicking the
    above red (Sign-up Button). All parade lap sign-ups must be in by March
    10, 2017.

    From the car corral, we will rotate drivers that are registered as pace cars
    for each race, or as parade lap drivers for either Saturday or Sunday. At
    each daily lunch break the parade lap drivers will be able to go out and
    drive the track.

    Prior to going out on the track we will have a driver’s meeting with both the
    pace car and parade lap drivers to educate everyone on the process and
    review what is needed. If you plan to run (Parade Laps), helmets will be
    required. If you need a helmet for the Parade Laps we will have extras to
    barrow at the track.  

    The actual first race event will start at 1pm Saturday, prior to that from
    9am to 12pm will be practice qualifying for the race groups. There will be 6
    full races on Saturday. Sunday the actual races will start at 10am with only
    2 hours of practice before the races and we will have 9 full races.

    Hotel Accommodations:
    For anyone interested I purchased a block of rooms for March 24, 25, 26
    and set up a special rate at the Comfort Inn Hotel. The hotel is just down
    the road from Laguna Seca and it is convenient place to stay. If you book
    there let them know you are with (Team Long Racing) for the special rate,
    all bookings at the hotel need to be made by March 8th 2017 or we will
    lose the rooms.

    Comfort Inn
    1200 Olmsted Rd
    Monterey, Ca 93940

    Once we have all the logistics together, added details will follow for (Pace
    Car Driving) and (Parade Laps Drivers). There is no actual cost for the
    Cobra Club people for the event, there is a $15 wristband fee per person
    at the main gate for entering the park. For (Parade Lap Drivers) There will
    be a cost of $50.00 per car for parade laps, the same $50.00 allows you to
    run 1 or both days. This covers the $5,000,000 insurance policy that we
    were required to take out, just for the (Parade Lap Drivers).

    Have a Great Day!

    Jim Long
NCA ( Northern California Karting Club) Is holding
an event at Laguna Seca and is Inviting BACC to